Maratha Lagnagathi| Success Stories - Mumbai Monsoon with Maratha Lagnagathi - For Shital & Ranjit

Mumbai Monsoon with Maratha Lagnagathi - For Shital & Ranjit

Pune 21 January 2023

Our Story

Shital, a Mumbai-based graphic designer with a flair for creativity, and Ranjit, a daring travel blogger, had separate lives that fate unexpectedly intertwined during a rainy Mumbai evening.

Shital sought refuge from the rain in a cozy café, where she noticed Ranjit, engrossed in his work. Their chance encounter led to a conversation filled with a shared love for Mumbai's monsoon, the comfort of Irani chai, and the joy of Bun Maska. Their connection sparkled like the city's lightning.

As their friendship deepened, they explored Mumbai together, with Shital capturing its essence through her camera lens. Ranjit, guided by Maratha Lagnagathi's spirit of uniting hearts, led her to hidden gems.

Despite their careers taking them to different corners of the world, their love endured. Ranjit proposed during another Mumbai monsoon, and Shital accepted without hesitation.

Their wedding blended Mumbai's culture and traditions, with Maratha Lagnagathi's blessings. Today, they're an adventurous couple, proving that love can be as genuine as a Mumbai monsoon, and as mesmerizing as the city itself.