Maratha Lagnagathi| Success Stories - Foodie's Fate with Maratha Lagnagathi - Meet Ravi and Priya

Foodie's Fate with Maratha Lagnagathi - Meet Ravi and Priya

Mumbai 01 April 2022

Our Story

Ravi, the tech whiz from Nashik, and Priya, the cheerful schoolteacher from Pune, shared a mouthwatering bond – their unwavering love for food. They were the true foodie duo, always on the hunt for new culinary experiences and savoring every bite. Their paths crossed on Maratha Lagnagathi, our friendly online foodie community. What started as a chat about restaurant recommendations soon turned into late-night conversations about life, dreams, and their love for all things Marathi.

Turns out, they were both head over heels for Vada Pav and had a knack for whipping up traditional Marathi dishes. So, they decided to meet up. Their first date was at a cozy Marathi restaurant in Pune. They feasted on Puran Poli and fiery Misal Pav, their laughter blending with the clinks of glasses. Love and shared tastes were on the menu.

Time passed, and their connection deepened. They explored Maharashtra's diverse culinary landscape together, from Kolhapuri spice to Solapur's sweet wonders.

Their wedding was a fusion of their love story and Marathi traditions, all thanks to Maratha LagnaGathi. Now, they live in Pune, cooking up their destiny. Their story reminds us that love can be as sweet as Shengdana Chutney and as spicy as Kolhapuri cuisine.